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Moraldiweb Music Manager

The best free software to read sheets music with laptop.


Why was it invented?

Practicing my profession of pianist singer pianobar every night for long periods in front of an audience of various nationalities, ages and social backgrounds, I had to face the problem of managing a large repertoire continuously updated, papery. Scores are heavy and bulky during transport and awkward to use when playing in public, especially in the piano bar, as this kind of performance involves a very high level of interaction between the musician and the audience. However scores are critical for those who make music a profession and exercises to the fast pace and under the conditions described above. So, I started looking for some software to read sheets music on a laptop, but none of the programs available on the market corresponded to the my needs. In fact, the app currently available, dedicated to reading scores on the various devices, allowing you to search and browse the pages of your digital sheets music. I needed a lot more, so I imagined a software that can instantly create, a sequence made up exclusively by sheets music I need at a given time... this is Moraldiweb Music Manager: a virtual music stand... "intelligent"! What makes Moraldiweb Music Manager the best free software to read sheets music on the laptop, is the principle on which it is based: the cataloging of music by tags that make up the repertoire. A tag establishes the membership or exclusion of the songs to a set. In other words Moraldiweb Music Manager allows quickly compose sequences of songs ready to be browsed, based on a keyword you specify. It makes it possible for us musicians to instantly create a virtual binder with sheets music we need, selecting them for us from our repertoire. Mattia Moraldi

Playing with comfort

Draws from your repertoire and allows you to divert the entire musical selection from moment to moment, providing a new sequence of music to browse, adapted to the situation and the demands of the public.

Music, words and ... Mp3!

You can associate an mp3 file to each of your music, to run it while reading. This makes it the ideal software for the soloists and singers, who use backing tracks. Farewell musical scores of paper!


Created by musicians, for musicians. We decided to distribute this software for free, because we are sure you will like it so much, you want to say thanks and support us with a donation voluntarily.


Here's a video demonstration on YouTube and the instruction manual in PDF format, to download. You can find a space dedicated to Moraldiweb Music Manager and user reviews on softonic.If you already have your whole repertoire in pdf format, you can convert it to jepg, with tools PDFtoJPG converter free download. To enhance the experience of using our software, we have created this pedal to turn pages, if you are interested in purchasing, please email us at musicmanager@moraldiweb.it The price of the device is 70 € plus shipping. If with the device you wish to receive 2 pedals compatible, we'll be adding 2, the unit value of € 5. In this way, the total price will reach € 80, plus shipping.

Sustain pedals

Examples of the sustain pedal can be connected to the device.


It looks like this device, individually.

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